Modesty the Beauty of a Muslim

Ethics are the key grabbers for foundation of any society. They are the protectors of values and norms. When a society losses its morals and norms it starts collapse. Every society has specific values according to their religious or moral beliefs. Muslim society contains the Islamic values and norms based on Quran and Sunnah. Allah does not make a human free to make him distinguish from animals. He put some restriction to make him prominent from other creatures. Islam is prominent among other religions because of morals and modesty. Humans got the supremacy over other creatures only because of their morals and knowledge and knowledge is nothing without its practice. As according to Quran: “some people beholds the knowledge as the ass ( a riding  animal) who has the possessions on his back”.

Morever, according to a hadith “The worldly life is prison for a believer and heaven for disbeliever”.

Unfortunately Today’s  Muslim society starts blindly follow the western culture and their norms as it fascinate them. They adopt each and every single western value to be modernize to be called up-to-date and classy. They idealize their model personalities as heroes who are deprived of  HAYA ( modesty) and half naked usually. Their style and personalities is seems quiet impressive and charming to them. Today’s youth consider the fashion or trend (no matter how and what it is)  as the sign of status without considering to their religion and ethics . They use abusive language and lusty talk only to impress others. Modesty became out dated and recalled us of an old age and boldness replaced it as fashion.

The young generation of our society uses many excuses to defend their wrong and so-called modernized behavior without giving it even a second thought. Fashion is not prohibited if would be in adopt while considering the morals and values. Every day around hundreds of stories we came to hear regarding degrading or  disrespecting the dignity  of Muslim women and don’t think about their causes..Why the daughter of Eve is being teased by opposite gender? Yes it is Nudity which is spreading without its boundaries. Its Boldness which made prey the ignorant Muslims.. Then we complain about social problems?

Allah made the modesty (HAYA) as the part of our Iman (Belief on all Islamic obligation) as saying of one of Hadith is comprehended as “Haya is the part of Iman”.  Islam stressed on modesty because Modesty (Haya) is the determinant of all virtues and restrainer off all sins. Comprehension of another hadith is as follows : “When you deprived of Haya then you are free for every action is your life”.. It is modesty which stops us from indecency and all wrong deeds.

Quran contains numerous verses based on stressing on modesty and protection of out chastity. It is the modesty for which all Muslims are supposed to lower the gaze and they have to be limited and restricted regarding contact which opposite gander. According to Hadith: “ Whilst a single man and women are in isolation, the third one between them is Devil “.  The first one attack of devil on a muslim is on his modesty as when a man losses modesty he don’t care about any action he takes. Devil loves to be evil and immoral there for Allah stressed us to be cautious of  Devil as The  while says:

O People who Believe! Do not follow the footsteps of the devil; and whoever follows the footsteps of the devil – so he will only bid the indecent and the evil; and were it not for Allah’s munificence and His mercy upon you, none of you would ever become pure – but Allah purifies whomever He wills; and Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing”. (Noor; Vers: 21)

Modesty is not only of  physical appearance; it all about the protection of every part of body and five senses as it is use of all five senses which lead us towards action. Modesty supposed to be our thoughts, action and appearance. It not just restricted towards the women, both gender should be modest and protectors of their Iman. Quran prescribe every obligation for both genders without discrimination. May Allah make us true Muslims/ Muslimahs.

Note: Key books to read for further information:
1. Dont be Sad- Aaid Al Qarni
2. Reclaim Your Heart- Yasmin Mogahed
3. The Marvels of the Heart- Imam Gazzali

Hajira Khan
Psychologist and Islamic blog writer.


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