Boko Haram: The Handing Over of Mubi By Ahmed sajoh

Facts emerging after all the trauma associated with the loss of Mubi now renamed Madinatul-Islam indicate that the town and indeed the entire territory now comprising a whole Senatorial District in Adamawa State was actually handed over to the insurgents rather than being captured. Some of the facts include:

  1. The insurgents that took over Mubi were less than 100 while we had over 1000 soldiers in the town.
  2. Mubi had been under a night time curfew for the past one year, yet the insurgents arrived the town in broad daylight unchallenged.
  3. From Uba to Marraraba down to Mubi there are over 5 heavily armed Military check points and 3 police divisions, yet the insurgents walked past unchallenged.
  4. All security units including soldiers and policemen deserted Mubi before the insurgents arrived.
  5. There was an existing ban on use of motorcycles in Mubi and environs, yet the insurgents drove into town on motorcycles unchallenged.
  6. The military were reported to have stopped people from leaving Mubi when stories started filtering that the insurgents were on their way only to disappear when the people needed them most.
  7. Since the handing over of Mubi non of the often vociferous agencies of the Federal Government has said anything. Where is the Media Centre, where is Gen. Olukolade,  where is Marilyn Ogar.
  8. Why the defeating silence from even the military authorities in Yola who have always claimed the role of Chief Security Officers of the State?
  9. There is now panic in Yola, rather than give us assurances,  schools are now being closed down in Yola, families of top functionaries are being evacuated,  Federal establishments are down sizing their staff strength.
  10. It is now 10 days since the take over of Mubi no effort is made to recover the territory. Even village areas go to war on account of territorial encroachment,  yet the Nigerian Government is busy politicking and dancing to the tunes of some amorphous TAN groups that have been tanned with petrodollars at the expense of our collective welfare and security.

I have a good mind to go to Court to challenge the negotiated removal of my Nigerian citizenship. It is not my wish to become a citizen of a Madinatul-Islam under a Caliphate I do not owe allegiance to. But those whose responsibility it is to secure my Nigerian citizenship do not care a hoot. Either they should fight back to restore my Nigerian citizenship or I fight for it in Court. Otherwise, all the political office holders from the areas under occupation should seize to hold their offices because those offices are meant for Nigerians and not some Caliphytes.  I wish there are patriotic Nigerians who will equally sue the government for imposing non Nigerians on them as political leaders.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following persons are from the new Caliphate:

  1. A Senator of the Federal Republic
  2. Two Members of the Federal House of Representatives
  3. Two Hon.Ministers of the Federal Republic.
  4. The Chief of Defence Staff
  5. The GOC 3rd Division of the Nigerians Army
  6. The Governor of Adamawa State
  7. The Speaker of the Adamawa State House of Assembly.
  8. Seven Members of the State House of Assembly.

There are a lot of other persons who should vacate offices since Nigerian political offices are for Nigerians to occupy since they are not prepared to tell the Nigerian overloads that they have battered away our territory and are doing nothing to reclaim it.

Ahmad Sajoh


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