An Open Letter from a Northerner to Northerners by Comrade Muhammad

The Northerners, you have been chasing a rat while your house is on fire. The North is already on fire, instead of making effort to extinguish the fire but you keep dissipating your energy and voices on accusing the South and Jonathan of igniting the fire for you while the fire is incessantly devouring you and destroying your house.
If it is true that Jonathan and the South are the ones who kindled this fire on your house that means Jonathan and the South are your enemies. Between you and your enemies who do you think should extinguish this fire? Are you expecting them to extinguish the fire for you? You have to extinguish the fire before pointing an accusing finger to anyone. The Northern leaders have to put the North in order but they failed thereby continue apportioning the blame on Jonathan. I am not protecting Jonathan here but the truth must be told.

The Boko Haram exist since the Obasanjo’s era and it keep growing through the Yar’adua’s and it continues growing today. The Northern leaders including the traditional rulers are the most selfish people I know. All what they care is their family and immediate relatives. The traditional rulers, ranging from the Sultan of Sokoto to Ward Head (Mai anguwa), are usually apportioning traditional titles to criminal politicians with the expectation of contracts, employment opportunities and favours to their close ones. If the employment opportunity comes, they always give it to their close ones. They don’t care about the youth in the region. They always hope that their children will be educated and rule the region forever.
These three category of persons are the ones responsible for the Northern predicament. They are: the politicians of the region, the traditional rulers and religious preachers who answer the name “scholars”.
Signed: Comrade Muhammad


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