Marriage or Zina by Nafi’u jiddah

Marriage has become so difficult nowadays and Zina has become so easy. Why is that? Usually when someone wants to get married they get obsessed with the day, the dress, the venue, the food, the cards, the gifts, the honeymoon, the guest list. In our Prophet’s (peace be upon him) era, marriage was finalised and conducted in a few days with little fuss. Because of these material factors some people are simply not getting married due to costs and expectations. Nowadays if someone has a small wedding in the Masjid people start talking. May Allah give us the common sense and humility to only please Him. Join us to say Ameen and let’s put less pressure on kids who want to get married for the right reasons, i.e. complete half their deen and not to put on a show which only lasts for a few hours. Ameen!


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