And Allah (SWT) warns us of something that we do need a warning about today in the world. Today what happens to the Muslims? Every small thing we are divided. Small thing we cannot work together. We are divided! If a person, for example, is tall he does not get along with those who are short. I mean, that’s a bit ridiculous but it can happen. Allah (SWT) really warned us about dispute amongst you as an ummah. If you are to dispute and argue, what will happen? You will lose your power, and your might as an ummah. Today we have 2 billion Muslims on the globe. We cannot agree to swat a fly! I’m honest with you. We cannot agree to swat a fly!! Why? Because everyone is a big “sheikh” on his own. And everyone wants to have a big say. And the “sheikhs” are fighting each other. Each one calling the other a kaffir. Wallahi! It’s a reality! So what is happening?? Our leaders are debating and arguing and fighting and calling each other names. The public are even more confused because any message of good news, they are kept away! “Hey don’t go here”, “Don’t go there” “What is the story?” “What happens?” Allah says “ And obey Allah and his messenger (SAW) and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength departs, and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are As-sabirun (the patient).” [Quran 8:46]. The verse 46 of surah an ‘fal Follow Allah and follow his rasool. And do not dispute with one another because it will result in to your total failure, and the going away or snatching away of your mighty as an ummah! Gone! Totally gone! Why? Because (of) small dispute. Today, brothers and sisters don’t speak to each other. What a shame! Uncles and aunts don’t speak to each other. Trustees from one masjid do not get along with trustees from another masjid. WHY?? It’s an issue of prestige!! Allahu (akbar) what are you talking about?!! We are an ummah! We share the shahadah! That’s enough (reason)! Put aside your differences and come together. We need the mighty as an ummah! We have the numbers! We have everything! But the problem is we are disputing! And so Allah (SWT) warns us in the another verse in the Quran. You know what he says? “And does who disbelieve are allies of one another..” [Quran 8:73] the kuffar (disbelievers), they are supporters and protectors of one another. Come what may, they put aside their differences when it comes to sticking up for one another. This is in the Quran. We read the verse. Allah (SWT) warns. This in fact is verse 73 of the same surah, surah An’fal. Do you know what Allah says after he tells us that the kuffar stick up for one another and they protect one another, he says “And if you (Muslims) do not do so (become united as one ), there will be fitnah and oppression on the earth, and great mischief and corruption [Quran 8:73]If you are not going to do the same, then there will be great fitnah and fasa’don on earth. That means, if you are not going to stick up for one another and protect one another then there will be chaos and corruption on the whole globe. Hence, we find the chaos and corruption on the globe today! IT IS A DECREE OF ALLAH! WE ARE TOTALLY DISUNITED! We cannot see face to face yet we are born through one mother and father. May Allah (SWT) bless the ummah! May Allah protect us! IT IS WORTH CRYING FOR!! My brothers and sisters! We are calling for unity! It is not going to come without tolerating one another. We need to understand not everybody is going to think the same. Not everybody is going to have the same inclinations. BUT DON’T WE SHARE THE SHAHADAH? ISN’T THAT STRONGER THAN THE BOND OF BLOOD, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS?? Gone are the days when the kuffar are excited because they can trample over us by the mere disunity that we are engaged in. my brothers and sisters! WE NEED IT! WE NEED IT! DESPERATELY! Our brothers are suffering across the globe! All over! The reason is WE ARE SWEARING ONE ANOTHER! WE ARE CALLING ONE ANOTHER NAMES! WE DO NOT WANT TO LOOK ONE ANOTHER! WHERE AS WE ARE ALL UTTER THE SHAHADAH! I BEAR WITNESS THAT THERE IS NO GOD EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS SLAVE AND MESSENGER! My brothers and sisters! IT IS A PASSIONATE CALL! WE WANT PEACE.WE ARE SEARCHING FOR PEACE. WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF PEACE. WHY THEN ARE WE LOOKED AT AS WAR MONGOLS WHO ARE KILLING ONE ANOTHER ACROSS THE GLOBE. JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE A LITTLE DIFFERENCE?? MAY ALLAH (SWT) PROTECT THIS UMMAH! AND MAY HE GRANT US UNITY! MAY HE OPEN OUR DOORS! AMEEN.


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