Boko Haram: Why The Blame Game? by Aisha (@aishasalaudeen)

This is a drama filled period for many Nigerians, particularly for those in the North. So many things have been going on, bombs taking off here and there, it is indeed a catastrophic period for many of us. And please correct me if I am wrong but I do not think Nigerians have ever been this divided. Bombs and gunshots are now the order of the day in Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, Bauchi, Borno and even in Kano. Like it is a normal routine. I cannot forget my chibok sisters kidnapped by BH (Boko Haram), when will they return to their parents? The 48 students killed in Yobe state, what was their offence? What did they do to deserve death? They only wanted to get educated, they probably had dreams of becoming doctors, governors, engineers, lawyers. And just two fridays ago, over 200 people lost their lives to BH in Kano. Their only offence? Wanting to observe the normal Jummah prayer, they only wanted to pray to God. They probably had plans of going back to their wives and children, others back to work and continue the struggle for a living. Last thursday dozens of people lost their lives again in Gombe state? BH threw bombs and fired bullets at innocent people as early as 5:30am! Had our gallant soldiers not intervened, I wonder what would have happened. It is indeed a depressing issue to talk, write or even think about. I do not wish to continue citing other examples of BH’s wickedness because I still wish to maintain my sanity.

The saddest and most depressing part of the situation is that Nigerians are playing the blame game.  I must say I am utterly disappointed, especially in my Northern brothers and sisters. This is a period were we are to unite and seek solutions to end the insurgency in the North. Why are we playing the blame game? Boko Haram has murdered Muslims and Christians alike in cold blood! They have murdered young and old, men and women. BH is a common enemy, so why are we pointing fingers?
Some people on social media go as far as blaming political parties. Do not be myopic, don’t let PDP and APC use the on going BH crisis to divide us! Why are we hurling abusive words on one another on the social platforms because we think BH is a PDP thing or an APC thing? If BH decides to murder you and I in their next attack, just like they have murdered our brothers and sisters do you not know that APC and PDP will continue without our existence?
I was discussing this issue on face book with a couple of people and their remarks almost pushed me to tears. Someone said “I do not live in the North so why should I bother about Boko Haram” Another went as far as even suggesting that Northern Nigeria is the country’s biggest issue and needs to be wiped out. Can you imagine? It is extremely unreasonable to make such a statement, how naive can we get? Does it then mean that some are not even human enough to care about the life of their fellow country man or woman? It is a shame!
I am not asking for too much from Nigerians. There is so much to be done about the issue of Boko Haram but how can we progress if we are not willing to come together. Let us take the first step. Let us Unite. If we are divided we cannot fight the common enemy. What’s that saying again? United we stand, divided we fall.

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