A man in leadership who only brags and boasts about his academic achievements but have no or low record of performance in office does not understand the true meaning of education. Education is not just planting a man within the four-walls of a classroom to obtain an academic award.

Holding a Doctorate Degree is not an indication of landmark leadership pedigree; holding a Master’s degree does not mean the holder leader has mastered wisdom about his people’s yearnings, and holding a Bachelors degree does not excuse him from being betrothed to knowledge and understanding of the dire needs of the people he serves.

What is the relevance of a leader who went to school but school did not go through him? What is the relevance of a leader who has all the resources in this world at his disposal to impact lives positively but chose to dispose of the destinies of those he leads through the chute of ignorance, corruption and cronyism?

An educated man in leadership ought to lead the people into a land flowing with milk-and-honey like Biblical Joshua, not encourage stealing their future by stealing their money.

An educated man in leadership is sold out first to the welfare of his people like Biblical Moses, not selling out because of his parochial welfare interest. An educated man in leadership who has woefully failed his people should gracefully exit the podium before the light is switched off in disgrace and dishonor.

An educated man who does not give a hoot about the plight of the masses only went through the routine of school and has come out empty-handed without knowing it. He is nothing but an ignoramus who must quickly renew his mind.


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