“We Own Them. We are Feeding Them. They Are Parasites. A Beggar Has No Choice,” Asari Dokubo On Northerners

Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force, NDPSF, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has again stated that desperate politicians from the northern Nigeria are ungrateful parasites who have not appreciated the south and especially the Niger-Delta for depending on their oil proceeds over the years.
Asari’s outburst was a reaction to the comments recently made by the Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido that staunch supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan such as Asari and Chief Edwin Clarke were making incisive statements in their bid to secure a second term for Jonathan.

Lamido had in his statements decried the candidacies of Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and General Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressives congress, APC.

He was quoted as saying that the duo were capable of setting Nigeria ablaze with their ambition.

But reacting to the statement, Asari who was also the former national President of Ijaw Youth Council, IYC and Jonathan’s kinsman in a telephone chat with said that the north was bleeding over their loss of political power.

He stated that until the zone disabuse its mind from the mentality of “born to rule”, they would continue to meet stiff resistance from their southern counter-part.

“The president will win. There is no other option. If they contest they are wasting their time. He who pays the piper will dictate the tune. We own them. We are feeding them. They are parasites. A beggar has no choice. In all religions, in Islam, every where… If you are a beggar, you will respect the one who gives to you. They are beggars and parasites.”

Credit- abusidiqu.com


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