I’m Ashamed Of My President. By Aisha (@aishasalaudeen)

I’m Ashamed Of My President.
I watched President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s inaugural campaign speech in Lagos yesterday and I almost broke down in tears. I am ashamed of my president! My president did everything in that speech, from lamenting to blaming past regimes for issues the nation is currently facing and quoting paragraphs from Ibrahim Babaginda’s 1985 coup speech. Mr President, you have absolutely nothing to showcase as your achievements and have no clue on how to solve both the problems you have inherited and those you also created through your actions and inactions. I cannot believe your supporters have likened you to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and so on, you are not in the calibre of those men, sir. You are clueless, and as Toyosi Akerele once said “You make the wrongest decisions in the worst season of this age, your insensitivity to our plights as fellow Nigerians is indecent. Your tendency to vacillate and stay resolute on issues of national urgency further underscore and lends credence to some assertions by your foes that you are ill prepared for the responsibilities of a presidency”

Below, I have numbered some of your ‘achievements’ in Nigeria for the past 6 years:
Petrol increase from N65 – N97, and in other locations N120
Kerosene price increase from N50 to N120
Power outage coupled with increase in PHCN bills (N1,250 to N4000 monthly)
Wiping out of massive towns in the North by Boko Haram
Crude oil illegal bunkering from 10,000 barrels to 100,000 barrels stolen every day
Industrial strikes by numerous organisations
WAEC failure from 40% to 70%
Stealing of funds in TRILLIONS of naira
Budget implementation from 40% to less than 20% per year
Bad/unfinished major roads
Economy from the worst to the greatest on paper, but the masses from poor to poorest
Deliberately under equipping the army and sentencing soldiers to death
Police pension scam
Alison Madueke jet scandal
Bart Nnaji nepa scandal
Oritsejafor 10 million dollars gun scandal
Subsidy scam of 2.6 trillion dollars
Missing Chibok girls since April 2014
Election delegate bribery
Immigration death scandal
Emptying of our foreign reserve
NNPC money scandal
Locking/teargassing house of rep members
Stella Oduah’s aviation scam
Among others..

Remember the PDP did not raise 21bn for Ebola, for our hospitals and education sector in shackles, for the Boko haram survivors who are now homeless, for the flood victims, for the children dying of treatable diseases. PDP did not raise this money to equip our army, for the jobless, to pay the workers salaries they have been owing. PDP raised this money to support a man with the failures listed above, to encourage 4 more years of IMPUNITY, NEGLIGENCE and CORRUPTION.

The Presidential election is in 36 days, will you bring back Goodluck Ebele Jonathan?

Credit – Aisha Salaudeen


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