Why You Have To Vote For Jonathan By Zayyad Abdullahi

During times of crisis, the people need an injection of joy and high spirits. In this regard, unlike any president, Goodluck Jonathan’s track record speaks for itself. He is credited for the unprecedented acts of throwing lavish parties and staging rallies to follow up very tragic events. If an Image of President Goodluck doing the shoki on stage doesn’t cheer people up then I don’t know what might.

The opposition is clearly out to discredit the Jesus Christ of Otuoke. They want you to think you Nigerians are living in abject poverty but what do they have to say about all the private jets. In fact, is calling someone poor not insulting? Jonathan would never condescend to you Nigerians like that. The opposition won’t talk about the schools Jonathan built for our children. Granted they may not be able to afford them and most importantly, they may not be safe in them but history will remember Jonathan did his job; he built schools. The opposition won’t talk about the hospitals. Granted they may contain equipment from a bygone age and are bereft of qualified professionals but a hospital is still a hospital and let it be known; Jonathan built hospitals. The opposition want you to believe Jonathan is divisive. Granted he once said he regrets not having a Yoruba person as Speaker of the House of Representatives which also means he regrets having a Hausa man as Speaker, but did he not call Boko Haram (who are largely made up of Hausa Fulanis) his brothers? Will a president who doesn’t like Hausas call Boko Haram his siblings? Let’s face it, Jonathan for the most part is unfairly criticised.

The opposition want you to believe Jonathan is not smart because he has made so many blunders. Is it his fault he doesn’t know Gusau is the capital of Zamfara and not in Yobe state? Do you expect every Nigerian to know all thirty-six states and their capitals? You Nigerians are unbecoming. Who cares if he said “America will know” if $20b is missing from Nigerian reserves? Did he lie? Was the money stolen not in dollars? Is the Dollar not the American currency? I’m starting to believe Nigerians just enjoy ridiculing Jonathan for no apparent reason. So what if he now claims MEND tried to kill him after so vehemently defending the group just over four years ago. Pesin no fit even carry una play again? Moreover, doesn’t it say so much about his character that after countless bloopers he still has the courage to come out again in front of all of you? I don’t know about you but if I was to publicly humiliate myself like President Jonathan has done so many times; I would’ve quietly gone away and lived the rest of my life in an empty cottage in the woods.

Terrorism and insecurity have put our great country in shackles and the opposition want you to believe this is all Jonathan’s fault. While Jonathan has remained committed to supporting the victims by condemning these callous acts and setting up committees, the opposition have been busy blaming Jonathan for the troubles of their great grandparents. Thank goodness Mr President has alibis when most of these tragedies take place or as God is my witness the opposition would have tried to pin the deaths on him. Granted he is the C-in-C and his primary job is protection of lives and properties of Nigerians but is it Jonathan they see carrying guns to kill people? Nigerians just love to take panadol for another man’s headache. Speaking of being meddlesome, a group of Nigerians have gained worldwide acclaim for relentlessly demanding that the president “bring(s) back our girls.” I find this absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to the office of the president. Is it Jonathan that kidnapped the girls? Are the girls in Aso Rock? Yes, the law states the primary job of the president is to protect the lives of citizens but how do you expect one man to account for the lives of over 160 million people? You Nigerians are just silly. Moreover, when has this administration ever been known to abide by laws anyway? This is a government that tried to lock the Speaker of the House out of the National Assembly. A government that is famous for the use of security agencies against perceived opponents. A government where the First Lady with no constitutional powers whatsoever can order the arrest of citizens, yet you expect such a government to uphold the rule of law. The joke is on you, Nigerians.

The opposition will moan about how Nigeria is the only country on earth where two thousand citizens can die in one attack and the government doesn’t even acknowledge it. Is it the president’s fault these killings happened at the heat of election season? How do they expect him to set up a committee (to look into the killings) when all the personnel that would’ve normally been assigned to this committee have been given the more important job of making sure he gets re-elected? Mr President is a man that knows his priorities and by God he sticks to them regardless of any hullabaloo and ridicule from external factors.

The wicked opposition have also succeeded in completely turning the youth against Jonathan. They have succeeded in making them see what a Nigeria of their dreams could look like. To make matters worse, these youth actually believe in a prosperous Nigeria. These days, the youth even have the audacity to demand accountability; children of nowadays have no respect. That is how a group of jobless youth started promoting what they refer to as a “2 Million Youth March for Change.” The total population of Abuja is 3 million so I’m curious as to where they expect to find 2 million youth to march.

The opposition also never give Mr President credit where he deserves. Take his selflessness for example; it would not have been out of place for a man of Jonathan’s stature, given his sacrifices (he had no shoes!) for our people, to have claimed ownership of 70 – 80 percent of the Nigerian economy. That’s what it really means to be the father of the nation, you see. The nation is his estate. In fact, he is the state. However, Jonathan, being the generous leader that he is only takes a few billion dollars every couple of months. Isn’t he merciful!

Some might argue Jonathan has failed completely at his assignment, but are some of his opponents not running after failing to win multiple elections in the past. Did we not learn from childhood never to let our failures put us down. “If at first you don’t succeed, try another orange”. Let’s see how many Nigerians thinking they are smart enough to run a government will get that.

As a leader, dancer, professor, mentor, player, Jonathan wears many hats (see what I did there?) And that is why you have to vote for him. Or don’t, he plans to rig anyway.



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