One of the ways by which the westerners corrupt us is through social media. Social media is where all kinds of filth and dirt are dispayed. Pornography, music, partying n others are what is usually displayed. This is why some of our scholars have given a fatwa that all social media are haram. Nevertheless, others use these social media to buy Jannah by spreading the message of Allah. With this opportunity, other scholars say they are not haram but better to avoid using them if you cant control yourself and if they lead you into haram.

The issue here is not on the ruling but why we have such an opportunity and use it for shameful acts. Facebook, twitter, snapshot, instigram n others. We are not doing dawah with these but rather doing things which have no benefit for us and mankind as a whole.

When a Muslim lady puts on a veil or “hijaab”, the most easiest thing for her to do in other to render the purpose of hijaab wearing vain, is uploading pics of herself anyhow,on social media. Being in hijaab doesnt mean everybody can look at you. It is rather a message for people to know that you dont want to be looked at. True modesty is when there is no attention.

Also, we shouldn’t use these things as a source of amusement or entertainment but a source of gaining beneficial knowledge. For the only entertainment there, is that which is unIslamic. Liking n following pages of kufaars n odas are all haram. A Muslim following Rihana or Niki minaag n oda losers on instigram?😳😳 There is nothing for you to see other than filty pics. What excuse can you give when you had a chance not to follow them?

How can we use them in a positive way?

1. There lots of Islamic posts n pics roaming around. Just share them on these media n get the reward.
2. Follow Islamic pages n suggest others to do so.
3. Remove, unfriend or unfollow any friend who post useless n filthy things. If he/she is a Muslim, advise the person first.
3. Lets feel shy for it is part of eeman. Feel shy of Allah and other men too. The Prophet(a.s) said Allah will forgive all his followers but those who sin in public. Whats more public than social media?
4. Let’s support each other. We shouldn’t condemn a person upon seeing a mistake. Its a challenge for us all. We have to talk to each other in a good way. We all have an issue in these matters.

Special Tips for our sisters.

1. Part of being in hijaab is avoiding attention. Being in the dress we call hijaab doesnt mean you can display urself anyhow. Be sincerely modest !
2. Avoid uploading of pics on social media. This is eeman.
3. If no. 2 is hard for you, dont upload pics of your full body. Most of these pics are haram as u mayb in the dress called hijaab but not completely hijaabed. A pic of u from your shoulders upwards is better. Exposin wat is below is a fitna.
4. Do jihaad for Allah’s sake. Remove n delete all the shameless pics u ve on social media. Making a gud intention before this gives a reward.

Allah make it easy for us all and guide us.


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