Look at the story of Abdullahi Ibn Abubakar and Atikah bint Zaid, Atikah was so beautiful, one of the most beautiful female companions, they were

so in love, that they were mad about each other, if they could swallow each other they would have done that. Abdulllahi was crazy about her, to the extent that he started missing Salat and Jihad, until Abubakar Siddiq (RA) commanded Abdullahi to divorce her, Abdullahi became depressed that he started singing love poems about Atikah up and

down at home. This was what made Abubakar to re-consider the issue and eventually Abdullahi and Atikah were back together again, and Abdullahi even made Atikah to promise him that she won’t marry any other man after his death. The Prophet (SAW) said, a woman will be with her final husband in Jannah (Tirmidhi).

Abu Darda and Umm Darda were also another lovebirds, to the extent that when Abu Darda died, Umm Darda refused to get married again cos she

thought no other man can replace Abu Darda. When Muawiyah proposed to her, she declined and said, am already engaged to Abu Darda in paradise. How sweet!

That’s eternal love. Marriage can be made beautiful or terrible, it all depends on d spouses. When Umm Silah, the wife of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

died, he wept and said, I have lived with this woman for the past 30 years and we never

quarrelled for once. People asked him, how is that possible? He said, whenever I am getting angry she keeps quiet and whenever she is getting angry I keep quiet, so we never had mutual argument. How romantic…. How many

couples today can spend a week without argument? Brothers learn to be romantic and sweet, some brothers are even shy of expressing their love for their wives, if you don’t tell her your feelings, who will??? Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said, women love to be told clearly that they are loved, it strengthens the feelings and affection, if you refuse to express your feelings for her, it will create a barrier of harshness between you and her. Most couples today are only romantic for the first

few years of marriage, after that, its assumed that it’s childish to keep saying (I

love you). What’s childish about it? Wallahi those 3 words are the basis and foundation of marriage. Brothers, be romantic: sometimes u should eat from the same plate and

feed your wives, sometimes put meat In between ur teeth and put it in ur wives mouth by way of kissing thereby mutually sharing the meat. At times involve in pillow fights with your wives, throw pillows at her. when she is angry, hold her and tell her how beautiful she is, tell her “you look more beautiful when you are angry”, if she is still angry, then move back and throw chocolates at her, spray perfume on her or pour water on her, all these are

part of being romantic. At times carry your wife in your arms around the house, at times carry the baby on your back too. At times play simple

games together, throw balls at each other, have a mini gymnasium in your house where you train your wife, carry her and let her carry

you if she has the strength, but don’t allow her to knack you

down!!! Watch Islamic stations together with her,eat pop-corn

together, sleep on the same room and on the same bed, don’t have your own separate room, some men now have their own room where they run to, after quarrelling with their wife, who are you leaving her

for? Even if a man practices polygyny, he can’t have his own room, he has to be rationing rooms from one wife to the other. That’s justice!!!!!

At times, go on a stroll with your wife and chit- chat with her, go to places of amusement or admiration of nature if

the places are free from half naked zombies…..Don’t only buy gifts for your wife when she is sick in the hospital, buy for her often. The best gift is

the one that comes from the bottom of your heart not the store. Shop things for her, there is nothing wrong with you going to the market with your

beards and say “I want to buy female underwear, its just a gift of love. May Allah bless all our

spouses. Amiin


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