The sad and painful reality 

Death awaits you, and your existence is no more than a bubble, And yet you sleep on carelessly. Look back at your forefathers, How they passed away from this world. You forgot what happened to them; You forgot their end so soon. What stratagem have you to escape death? Have you erected a rampart to protect yourself? Since death, like an alligator, snatches a man with suddenness, T hen why should he act so arrogantly? O young man, give not your heart to this lowly world; Its fanfare will disappear all of a sudden. No one lives in the world forever; Time does not remain constant. We have consigned to the earth many a dear one, With our hearts full of grief and sorrow. Having buried so many ourselves, Why should we not remember the day of our own death? Why should we forget their memories? We are not made of steel or bronze. O enemy of mine, fear the wrath of God, For the chastisement of my Lord is hard to bear. For not fearing the Omnipotent God; Countless nations and towns were destroyed. No sign was left of their arrogant dwellers, Not to speak of signs, not even a bone survived. Wisdom is that a man should live in fear, Or else, calamity after calamity would come upon him. To be dead is surely better, T han to live a life of sin and wickedness.( BY HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM AHMED )


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