Words worth pondering.

When it comes to Islamic Knowledge, do not compromise by being satisfied with what you get online. The ‘scholars’ are abound online yet only a handful have good and sound stuff to offer.

For the safety of our creed in this world and our salvation in the hereafter we ought to stick to the roots. Let’s either enrol in madrasas (it’s not too late) or work out to get trustworthy scholars with sound creed, understanding and practise of Islam to guide our steps. Let’s have those people in our lives so they explain issues in detail to us.   Such are people whom we could ask follow up questions for further clarifications and better understandings of situations.

Let’s not be satisfied with stuff we find online. In most cases they either do not answer us wholly or do not fit into situations we seek to understand.

Scholars always prescribe one on one tuition. Even when they refer one to literatures, one is advised to still get that guidance from a physical teacher.

Let’s not risk our understanding of Islam, let’s not allow ourselves to fall into the online ‘scholarly’ complacency.

Go to a Madrasa or better still, attach yourself to a scholar with sound creed, understanding and practice of Islam. They could be two or three; for cross checking sakes. In the worse case, you should one. That person should definitely be there.

May Allâh show us truth as true and make us grasp an follow it and show us falsehood as false and rid us if it and its evil.



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