This is what almost all the young men think of the ladies today. But why is it so? May be because this ladies have let themselves used in a wrong way by these people. Just take a look at our society you will see a lady having more than ten boyfriend/lovers what for? Moreover why would you let such a number of men coming to you any how, all you need to do is to pick one, i mean ke ba yarinya bace kinsan furucin bakin kowa nd you knw what it means stick to one responsible person and you will be respected as well.
The men WALLAHI BILAHILLAZI LA’ILAHA’ILAHUWA Kuji tsoron Allah. Because anything that you don’t want it to happened to you don’t ever do it to someone bcox reverse is the case. Idankayi ZINA da yarwani for sure za ayi da naka, idan ka lalata yarwani same will be done to yours too. Just bcox Allah has blessed you that doesnt give you a granty to repay him with disobidience, kai dangidan masu kudi ko ya baka sa’a kayi Univesity nd you finshed succesfully you have secured a good job, KUDI na shigowa. You putting on d best designers, eating d good food, drinking any kind of juice u feel like is a blessing. Don’t just let your MONEY or your family MONEY deceive you nd lead you to jahannama.. SAURAYI kaine yanmata cikin Areanku,University state dinku akwai yanmatanka,school of nursing state dinku ka na dasu other state if you go fr something you have them, every mall you go for shopping you always exchanged numbers kayi hankali da HIV/AIDS mana Oga. Then with all these ladies when you are asked to get married, you start telling people “LADIES OF DISDAYS ARE NOT WIFE MATERIAL “.. Yes there are not gaskia , Saurayi kasan dadin mata morethan 100 ya za ayi kayi tunanin akwai ta aure? bcox all you could think of is that all the remaining ladies are like the previous you have had… I Say a Very Big Noooooooo to you, There are still some DECENTS AND RESPONSIBLE LADIES.
Please if you dont have any good intention with a lady don’t even go near hear… Kunji ko SAMARI , so that ku daina bata mana suna..
And to the ladies don’t you ever let any jick and jack used you just out of despiration to get married. Please waits its all a matter of time. All you need to do is to keep calm and pray to Allah, he will surely provides you with the right man, insha’Allah.


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