1. Some of you got fingers burnt out of a passion for anything “Buhari”. This message is addressed to you, not the scammers who exploited your naiveté.

2. Note that PMB – as important as he is today – is only a symbol of our cherished values and not the values themselves. So, stick to the values even as you support PMB, and before next you join a group peddling his name, identify its motives; inquire on its leadership, and insist on seeing all relevant documents. You would take these measures before buying land to avoid being swindled, but between land and reputation, I’d rather lose land, so I’d inquire more before joining a group.

3. The women among you should please resist telling your intimate details to friends you meet on the internet, because once you two fight, and sooner or later women often do, rest assured of the world knowing those details – along with a sprinkling of lies to make them more credible.

4. If you want to make Nigeria better, do something that will last well beyond PMB’s tenure in office. Among many good ideas I saw recently on Facebook are public awareness campaigns to help educate boys and the girl-child; campaigns against women-trafficking and “baby factories”; and sponsored radio programs and jingles to dissuade female BH suicide bombers. They will all save lives and improve quality of life in our societies.

5. To achieve credibility, do not associate your activities with the presidency or seek financial contributions from public officials. Those are well-trodden paths in Nigeria’s corruption culture, and the farther you keep away from them, the nearer you are to your goals. The best way to fund NGOs is through membership dues. Imagine 10,000 members each contributing N2,000 a month (less than most people’s phone bills). That is N240 million yearly, which can build five classroom blocks or 10 rural health clinics.

6. If anti-corruption is your only interest, N240 million can go a long way in exposing corrupt public officials through citizen action committees, media campaigns, use of IT, and even hiring of 10 SANS to help prosecute the corrupt.

7. Restlessness is an asset when handled properly.


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