If Katsina happens to be the first home for my President, then there is no doubt Bauchi is supposed to be his second home. Bauchi has been recorded among the highest state where APC got richly highest margin votes especially in presidential election. Bauchi is among the states where PDP had a poor outing in the 2011 presidential election. President Jonathan had 258,404 votes in that exercise while Buhari won with 1,315, 209 votes. However, in 2015 Muazu, the former governor of the state and the national chairman of PDP then, was expected to deliver the state for his party. But eventually the good people of Bauchi showed them that his influence in the state was insignificant despite being a strong political figure in the state where they gave APC – 931,598 (APC wins) and voted PDP down with only – 86,085 votes.

But I wonder if Mr. President is aware of the gross unstable perilous condition that Bauchi state is drawn in. It seems to me that the President is still oblivious about this political instability in the state. The number one person of the state has jumbled and mixed up everything whereby the people of the state are in critical condition of hunger and poverty. The workers’ salaries have been detained for months despite the fact that you gave him the bail out to settle the financial problems inherited from the former administration. Instead to settle it, he rather add more salt to the injury by aggravating the situation even worse. 
Therefore, I will like to humbly make an appeal to the evenhanded and the most kind president to intervene as the people of Bauchi are in desperate need of his intervention. 
If APC wants to maintain the good result it usually gets in Bauchi it must therefore come into the rescue of the people before the eaters of the living finish their preys. Before the habitant of the APC followers turn into their graves, before the active activists of AKASA A TSARE famished and starve to death. Before the Buharists angrily turn to anti-buharists. 
Inconclusion, I will like to call upon the government of Bauchi state to please release the innocent but just a mere political activist Musa Azare who always advocates for good governance. (MK FORMULA pleads)


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