May Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, 
This is a short reminder from the messages I contributed and/or also grasped as a result of my participation in this conference, so far:
1) Good Governance cannot be achieved without both-Retributive and Distributive Justice;
2) Islam as a comprehensive religion, addresses the issue of “Good Governance” more than any system being adopted in our contemporary world;
3) Justice sustains and promotes governance, while Injustice destroys governance;
4) Good Governance begins with Self-Rehabilitation. Each and everyone must identify his weaknesses and rehabilitate himself;
5) Self-Rehabilitation has four components. These are: Honesty; Purity; Unselfishness; & Love;
6) Corruption must be fought in establishing good governance;
7) Selective-Justice is an injustice. All laws should be applied to all without favourism;
8) The greatest and professional enemy of Good Governance is Injustice; 
9) Just Governance brings Human Security and Social Development;
10) Information Technology is very essential in establishing Good Governance and eradicating Corruption. This is very relevant to one of the areas of my interest, i.e Forensic Computing;
11) There are many misconceptions about Islam. However, all praises and thanks are due to Allah. I was able to clear many misconceptions about Islam in my discussion with participants and I also used the opportunity to invite people to Islam;
12) We need to partake in more community services and charitable activities to complement the effort of government;
13) Justice anywhere is a support to Justice everywhere, while injustice anywhere is a support to injustice everywhere;
14) Any responsible government should be very committed in addressing the challenges of Hunger, Unemployment, Instability and Corruption;
15) Good Governance is a responsibility of all and sundry;
16) Among the six habitable continents of the world, perhaps Africa is the most underdeveloped and affected with artificial disasters;
17) Humility and Humbleness are necessary ingredients that elevate the status of a leader, and/or helps him towards establishing good governance;
18) Islam is very compatible with contemporary world and has an answer to every problem that may come up in the world;
19) Victory comes with patience;
20) Always avoid, “If you cannot beat them, then join them.” Try to remain incorruptible;
21) We should learn to demonstrate good governance in managing our houses, while dealing with our children and spouses. “Charity begins at home”;
22) Learn to say “I am sorry”, if you wrong someone; and
23) We should all put our trust in Allah, and engage in what is humanly possible;
May Allah help our countries towards establishing Good and Just Governance,…
Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, PhD

Montreux Switzerland


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