Bio: Usman Abbass Babayo, born on 16 October 1991 a Nigerian who is currently a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology with a Bachelor of Science Natural Resources Management with specialization in Silviculture and Forest Management. Usman, Abbas is an extraordinaire young man who is passionate and dedicated to conservation of nature. I am currently a member of Nature Alive, a young non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and management of environmental and renewable natural resources. I'm also a member of which is a social business run by a small group of dedicated people. We work together to create tools that empower everyone to easily do good by planting trees. We believe our trees have the power to make this world a better place for everyone in it. Usman is also a freelance journalist By passion with different blogs and the recent one which is the He also has a Hausa news page which helps to translate news from English to Hausa for the people that can't read or speak English to be able to have a fair understanding of what's happening in the world they are living in. He is also interested in volunteering, natural resource extension programs, conservation jobs, projects, advocacy, activism, training programs, and civic leadership. I long to save this dying world in my small own small ways in Sha Allah.

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